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Snohomish County Music Project

(formerly the Everett Symphony)
Northwest Music Hall
1402 SE Everett Mall Way, Everett, Washington 98208
(Behind Macy's at the Everett Mall)

Formerly known as the Everett Symphony, the Snohomish County Music Project has provided music services to Everett since 1935. The economic depression beginning in 2008 was a struggle for the Everett Symphony. Rather than perish alongside way too many other great arts organizations at that time, a different approach was taken. Born out of a community-wide planning process led by former County Executive, Bob Drewel, the Everett Symphony was subsequently restructured, launching its new identity as the Snohomish County Music Project  in May 2011. Those involved in the transition process envisioned the organization as an ideal way to promote the idea of artistic citizenship – using the power of music to inspire people to make a positive change in the world. Following the lead of several successful music organizations around the country, the Music Project’s Board of Directors decided to adopt the principles of artistic citizenship and become as much a human service organization as an arts organization.

From its origin as the Everett Symphony, the Music Project has transformed into a multi-faceted therapeutic, education, advocacy, and artistic hub which uses the power of music to inspire and catalyze positive change in Snohomish County. With a mission “to use the power of music to inspire people to do good things for their communities and for themselves” and a philosophy that emphasizes the importance of harnessing the utility of musical expression, the Music Project’s vision of artistic citizenship holds the promise of transforming our community through the arts in innovative ways.