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Washington State History Museum

1911 Pacific Avenue, Tacoma, WA 98402

Take a trip through Washington State’s history. It might be a lot more interesting than you think. Through the Museum’s diverse exhibits, view the people who lived here first, before explorers came from East and West. Meet the settlers who followed, and those who built the cities, railroads and industries. And of course, the folks who made it all run.

Ride a covered wagon, explore a coal mine, take a video trip down the Columbia River, walk through a traditional Southern Coast Salish plank house, visit a Seattle Hooverville shack and listen in as Mac and Leon discuss the Depression.

Colorful, interactive exhibits and walk-through dioramas depict the natural setting, the lifestyle and culture of the various inhabitants, exploration and settlement of the region, and important people and milestone events that shaped our state. Thirty-five different human sculptures share their stories through interactive audio, and video programs describing life as a "timber beast," a railroad worker, a fisherman on the Columbia River. Six touch-screen Electronic Journals add depth to the ideas and stories presented throughout the Museum. Block out plenty of time, for this is a big place with a lot to see.