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The 5th Avenue Theatre

1308 5th Avenue, Seattle, WA 98101

Escape to a magical world where life is a banquet and Once Upon a Time is just around the corner. The 5th Avenue brings approximately 150 live musical performances to the stage each year. Great shows in a grand theatre. Actor Rex Smith said, “Performing at The 5th Avenue is like performing inside a beautiful jewel box.” The 5th Avenue is incredibly beautiful. One of the most stunning features is the auditorium’s center dome, a replica of a palace’s throne room (only twice the size). The “Pearl of Perfection” chandelier is held in the teeth of a great coiling dragon, which has five toes, each toe representing an evil spirit that must be vanquished. The elaborate proscenium arch that frames the stage features a myriad of Chinese design motifs, including bas-reliefs of the Forbidden City and the SummerPalace. The theatre’s constant residents are a pair of Fu Dogs, which have traditionally stood guard in front of China’s imperial palaces.