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The Wing Luke Asian Museum

719 South King Street
Phone 206 623 5124

Admission: $4 and under
Free on 1st Thurs and 3rd Sat of each month

The old China Town, located in Pioneer Square, lasted until 1910 when a group of Chinese businessmen bankrolled a pair of buildings that would become the center of the new Chinese community now called the International District. This pair of four story buildings afforded the community with hotels containing retail space on the ground level.

One of the buildings, the East Kong Yick building, has been reborn into the home of the Wing Luke Asian Museum. Moving the museum to its new location has been a community dream and goal over the years. The Asian Pacific Islander Americans (APIA) represented by the museum constitutes the history of hope, struggle, sorrow, and success of the people from over forty Pacific Rim countries. The museum provides guided tours that are both soulful and educational.