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The Central Saloon

207 First Ave South, Seattle, Wa 98104

When you visit Pioneer Square, check out a place where history happens.

Ever since The Central Saloon was rebuilt after Seattle’s great fire of 1889, it has been home to the famous and the infamous and it’s illustrious career as a place of note continues to this day.

There were days of being, a café, a post office, an employment office, a card room, and a brothel but always a bar, a saloon—a place where a man could get an honest drink. In more recent years, The Central Saloon has continued to be known for its’ good selection of liquid refreshment and a hearty “pub food” menu.

As far back as the 1920s, Seattle was known as a place where musicians were welcome to try out new arrangements or experiment with old numbers. Through the years, The Central has been proud to bring to Seattle the best blues, jazz, rock-n-roll, the grunge sound as well as poetry readings and contests.